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Sarah Fitzgerald

This is an agent with true Southern roots. Sarah comes to Los Angeles from Biloxi, Mississippi. In eclectic Oxford, Sarah studied Political Science at the University of Mississippi. Her academic ventures include a semester at the prestigious William Carey University and earning an Associates of Arts degree from Gulf Coast Junior College, where she was awarded high honors.

Before moving to Los Angeles, Sarah worked as In-House Sales Representative at BlueGreen Resorts and Timeshare in Las Vegas. While at BlueGreen, Sarah realized her passion for sales and adopted the dogma that the agent/client relationship should always be at the forefront in negotiations. As a BlueGreen top producer, Sarah attributes her success to her savvy negotiating skills, tenacity, and the determination to see every deal through to the end.

In Mississippi, Sarah grew up in a large, tight-knit family, who taught, through example, hard work and Southern hospitality. She brings to the table true Southern charm and unparalleled work ethic.

Growing up, Sarah’s mother, an interior designer, and avid user of the expression “bless your heart,” would drive with Sarah around the fancy neighborhoods in hopes of catching a peek at homes still in the developmental stage. In a place where ‘bless your hearts,” and chamfered corners go hand and hand, those drives moved Sarah towards real estate. Popping in on those homes also provided material for future projects, and inspired the building of her family’s eventual dream home.

In Biloxi, Sarah Fell in love with the architecture and the historic elements which drive and inspire developing real estate. In 2017 while in Biloxi, Sarah pushed for the economically sound and historically relevant architectural standards for up and coming downtown tourism development standards. Sarah has developed an aptitude for the marrying of history and innovation.

Sarah moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a Career in real estate. While in Los Angeles, Sarah has overseen, managed, and assisted in the development of several luxury real estate properties in LA. She says she views real estate as an opportunity to make a client’s dream home become a reality.