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Jordan Pollack

I attended a celebrated film school focused on creating entertainment content for the motion picture industry and motion web platforms. After some time I had been chosen to work along various distribution companies and producers to produce a screenplay I had created. After navigating the socially driven motion picture industry, I worked pricing high end artwork, and wrote another screenplay which sent me on a plane to Beverly Hills. I then involved myself in a luxury concierge company, and stopped focusing on the entertainment industry, and began seeing the vastness of the real estate ecosystem. I quickly changed direction and began all the way at the bottom as an assistant, and worked my way up. With the knowledge of film and art under my belt, I now had the perfect combination to enter the real estate industry. Over time I saw the beauty and complexity arising out of the home transfer process and began to attract my clients. I strives to make every deal a learning opportunity for myself and my clients, taking every step precisely, and consciously, as well as choosing the middle ground providing the smoothest approach to closing deals in this volatile real estate market. Inquire